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Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences | Human-Computer Interaction

2 years

Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences | Human-Computer Interaction

Advances in hardware, machine learning, robotics, software engineering, and networks have opened remarkable new possibilities in information technology. Studies in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) prepare future experts and leaders who use advanced methodologies to design and develop information technology for the benefit of people.

The programme approaches human-computer interaction from the viewpoints of engineering, computer science, and applied sciences. Students will learn a variety of powerful engineering and computer science methods to approach challenges in interactive technologies systematically, such as in concept creation, user interface design, machine intelligence, mechanical and electrical design, and data analysis. They learn essential human and social factors and how to integrate them in problem-solving and models. Students will also familiarize with practical interdisciplinary development and design processes and obtain technical skills to experiment and prototype innovative interactions. The programme also develops meta-cognitive skills to drive visions of interactive technology, critically evaluate different approaches to interaction, and to develop competences further by following advanced research literature.

Content of the studies

Human-Computer Interaction ​is a cross-disciplinary major that builds on the success of our previous educational efforts:Interactive Technologiestrack, Information Net works programme and Usability School by Aalto University, and Interactive Systemsby University of Helsinki. T​he major has strong links with other majors in the Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences (CCIS).

The major combines rigorous courses in computational and engineering disciplines with spearheads in user interface technology and interaction design, yet builds also supporting competences in design, empirical research, and entrepreneurship.

Human-Computer Interaction provides a focused plan for two-year Master’s studies. Students are welcome to personalize their studies and include other topics in computer science and engineering to their degree.

The curriculum offers opportunities to create connections to local and international industry (e.g., IxDA Helsinki) already during the studies. Students in this major will become members of the HelsinCHI researcher collective.


Relevant Bachelor's degree

Tutkinto / todistus

Master of Science (Technology)



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