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Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning | Real Estate Economics

2 years
Full time
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Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning | Real Estate Economics

Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning | Real Estate Economics

Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning | Real Estate Economics

Two prominent Finnish universities, Aalto University and University of Helsinki, have joined forces in this unique and interdisciplinary master’s programme. Aalto University admits students to the programme through three channels: for degrees of Master of Science (Architecture), Master of Science (Landscape Architecture) and Master of Science (Technogy) for the real estate specialisation. The real estate specialisation is oriented towards applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in planning, urban economics, real estate or economics.

Structure of studies

The Master of Science (Technology) degree is 120 credits (ECTS). The program includes 64 credits of major studies, 26 credits of elective studies and 30 credits master's thesis.

The Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning prepares students to excel as professionals capable of understanding and addressing complex urban development challenges. Students learn to address such challenges through a curriculum and pedagogical approach that includes interdisciplinary breadth as well as depth in core areas of knowledge, skill and practice. The programme balances theoretical and conceptual knowledge with the acquisition of methods, skills and experiences. Thus, students gain a broad understanding of urban phenomena as well as practical experiences in collaborative and concrete situations. This is the basis both of structure of the programme and of elements in the curriculum.

Taking full advantage of the joint university structure, the program joins leading expertise from the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. Signature elements in the programme are studios crossing the different fields of expertise to address urban challenge themes. Themes relate to current and urgent contemporary issues articulated not only in Finland but on the European and global scale, including controversies intrinsic to urbanization. Urban challenge themes may be attached to focus areas, research projects or collaborations within our universities, municipalities and regions in order to provide a constructive and critical framework for study and practice. Urban challenge themes are transdisciplinary and trans-professional, uniting the core areas as joint effort towards a common challenge and emphasizing an outward and forward-looking perspective.

In the real estate specialization, the program provides students with skills for analyzing the real estate markets and understanding the dynamic processes determining supply, demand and prices. Student learn the basic methods used in the valuation of real estate and gain understanding in the business logics of various actors. The specialization provides a professional capabilities relevant in real estate related position in both private and public sector.

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Relevant Bachelor's degree

Tutkinto / todistus

Master of Science (Technology)


For non-EU/EEA citizens, €15000/y (Master’s studies)

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