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Degree Programme in Business Technologies | Master of Business Administration

1,5–3 years
Application deadline: Autumn
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Degree Programme in Business Technologies | Master of Business Administration

The Master's Degree Programme in Business Technologies prepares the students for work in challenging expert and managerial positions in the field of ICT and business digitalization. The degree programme is suitable for ICT and business professionals who want to proceed in managerial and expert positions in the field of ICT and digitalization.

After the studies the graduates will be able to develop business information management solutions by evaluating and utilizing digital technologies. They are capable of recognizing the opportunities of leading-edge digital technologies and applying them for creating new business value and enhancing the business operations. They will work in positions, for example: designers and leaders of business digitalization, managers of information system development projects, managers of information system services, consultants and trainers in ICT.

Studies provide students with general competences, such as interaction competency, required in all organizations and with business specific skills and competencies, depending on the chosen specialization area by the student.

Compulsory studies focus on research and development skills as well as competences needed in developing organizations and leading change. Studies enhance students’ abilities in analytical and critical thinking and problem solving. Specialization studies focus on digital technologies and business related skills and competencies. Studies enhance the students’ ability to apply current research knowledge in their professional field.

Specialization areas

ICT Services and Systems

The ICT Services and Systems specialization prepares the students to lead the development of ICT services and systems by applying the best practices of ICT-service management for enhancing business operations. The specialization is targeted at ICT professionals and the studies require experience gained from previous ICT studies or work experience from the ICT sector.

During the studies, the students learn different models to implement ICT-services and master the continuous development methods. They will become able to assess and utilize new technologies to provide organizations with knowledge management solutions that meet their needs.

For example, students can study the following themes in the specialization:

  • Digitalization
  • IT systems
  • Architectures
  • Information and communication technology
  • ICT services
  • ICT procurements
  • Data security

The specialization prepares the students for demanding expert, development and managerial work in the ICT sector, such as project management in information system development projects, planning and management of digitalization in business, consultation and training.

Digital Business Opportunities

The Digital Business Opportunities specialization prepares students to identify and utilize the business opportunities offered by leading-edge digital technologies. It provides a multi-disciplinary study platform for business development using new digital technology. The specialization enables students to assess the maturity of new technologies and apply them in the digital business transformation.

For example, students study the following themes in the specialization:

  • Modern digital service design driven by customer experience
  • AI-based business analytics for business development
  • Business process rationalization using robotic process automation
  • Business transformation based on new technologies and trends

The specialization provides the student with generic knowledge which can be applied widely in any industry and business or in the public sector. No prior knowledge is assumed when starting the studies, but the student must be prepared to acquire the basic programming skills independently.

The specialization is targeted at ICT professionals who want to specialize in business development, and at business developers who want to specialize in utilizing new digital technology. The specialization provides students with an excellent qualification for managerial and specialist positions in the field of digital transformation. Examples of such job positions include: development manager, technology manager, business developer, digitalization specialist and digital transformation consultant.

Entrepreneurial business management

The focus of Entrepreneurial Business Management is on the innovation, analysis and development of new business opportunities.

This specialization is perfect for a student who wants to use an entrepreneurial approach to develop their organization or who is considering founding their own business in the future or who already is an entrepreneur and wants to experiment with their company’s potential for growth.

Entrepreneurial Business Management teaches entrepreneurial attitude, processes and methods of innovation and design thinking, networking and reflection skills, application of business development tools, and commercialization.

For example, students can study the following themes in the specialization:

  • Identifying and utilizing opportunities
  • Key success and failure factors for start-ups
  • Start-up ecosystems and how to utilize them
  • How to grow a start-up

Entrepreneurial Business Management graduates typically work in business development or are entrepreneurs. Upon graduation, an Entrepreneurial Business Management student knows how to write a business plan and build a network to support their business. The student also knows how to utilize innovation methods, identify value-producing business opportunities, and turn an idea into a solution and introduce it to the market successfully.

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Admission requirements

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Degree / diploma

Master of Business Administration

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