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Sea Captain

Maritime industry offers one of the most exciting and diverse career paths for anyone who aspires to become a member of a seafaring crew through completing the required certificates of proficiency.

What is Unique in Sea Captain Studies at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

  • Latest maritime Simulator technology
  • Audited Dynamic Positioning Training by Nautical Institute in July 2017
  • Awarded by RINA/LR maritime safety award 2016 as part of SEAHORSE consortium
  • SAMK is member of IAMU (International Association of Maritime Universities)
  • SAMK is member of IMCA (International Maritime Contractors Association)
  • Rauma and Pori are cities in the heart of maritime cluster of Finland

SAMK Students Will be Employed

Maritime academies in Scandinavia have a long reputation for delivering an outstanding curriculum, which prepares students for finding their own niche in the field. Thus, seafarers with a Scandinavian degree in Maritime Studies are in high demand, especially for management level positions. Depending on their work experience they often work as officers, chief officers or Masters on board the ships.

Later in their career many seafarers seek employment on shore. Typical land-based careers include work at port organizations or in stevedoring companies, in shore organizations of shipping companies or in chartering agencies. Moreover, other suitable jobs are working as a maritime inspector, maritime expert or as a pilot.

Your Studies Include:

  • Navigation and Ship Handling
  • Shipping Technology and Shipping Economics
  • Seamanship and Leadership Skills
  • Ship Service and Maintenance and Ship Building
  • Ship Engines and Technical Systems
  • GOC
  • Maritime Law and Legislation
  • Ship Safety and Emergency Management


Applying takes place online at Studyinfo service in January 2019.


The decision on the tuition fees is based on the change of law on universities of applied sciences, which obligates the universities of applied sciences to collect a fee from the degree students who come from outside the EU/ETA area.

The tuition fee for an academic year will be 9500 euros for students who come from outside the EU/ETA area.

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu (SAMK) on 6000 opiskelijan ja 400 asiantuntijan monialainen, kansainvälisesti suuntautunut korkeakoulu. Vuosittain SAMKista valmistuu noin 1000 opiskelijaa AMK-tutkintoon tai ylempään AMK-tutkintoon. Toimimme meren äärellä Suomen länsirannikolla. Kampukset sijaitsevat Porissa, Raumalla, Huittisissa ja Kankaanpäässä. Vuonna 2017 valmistunut SAMK-kampus Pori...

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Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satamakatu 26
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